Why I Run the Bellin Run: Elizabeth Bruessel, Allouez

May 2, 2013

The first summer I was in my home a block away from Green Avenue, I heard the loud “Rocky” theme music one morning. I had no idea about the run, the size of the run or the massive amount of runners that would be involved.

The kids and I thought it was a parade. We walked out to the balcony that is a half block from Green Avenue and we were astounded at the waves of people running down the hill.  

The “Rocky” theme was blaring and the air was electric. After about 2 minutes we walked outside to Green Avenue and the street was lined with well-wishers, motivational posters, blaring music, cups of water for runners who wanted a drink and the local TV and radio stations, plus police escorts. It was crazy, yet tame and well-organized.

The kids immediately wondered about this “Bellin Race” and they vowed to be in the race the next year. That was nine years ago, and the kids have run the race every year since.  

The Montevelde’s (our neighbors) have a small breakfast gathering outside their home (our back yard joins up with theirs) and they are the official keepers of the “Rocky” theme as it blares outside their front door every year.

We have made new friends thanks to Bellin Run, the “Rocky” theme and the overall goodwill the race ignites. We have come a long way from watching the run from our balcony, to lining Green Avenue and carrying motivational home-made posters!

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